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Digitalisation needs a proactive political approach

The COVID-19 pandemic has considerably accelerated the digitalisation process, showing us the potential of technology and the way in which it can help us in our everyday life. In fact, the way in which we travel, socialize, learn and work has changed, and will probably continue to evolve in the upcoming years.

However, digitalisation needs to be shaped through the adoption of a proactive political approach. The lack of policies necessary for fostering widespread availability of ICTs and the lack of their effective implementation represent a serious challenge with regards to accessibility issues. Only through a coherent and cross-sectoral approach will it be possible to take full advantage of technologies’ positive impact, while avoiding possible side effects.

If you want to know more about the subject, check out the latest ENTELIS+ deliverable! Here you can find a list of success factors on adapting to new policy and regulatory framework to ultimately reduce the digital gap and favour the development of inclusive ICTs.

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