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Success factors on building strong partnerships to bridge the digital divide

The process of digitalisation has affected and will continue to affect every aspect of our lives, opening up new opportunities for growth, work and prosperity. To ensure that everyone has the possibility to fully exploit the potential of digitalisation, there is a need to bridge the digital divide.

Since digitalisation is a cross-cutting political topic, a coordinated approach involving all the relevant actors needs to be adopted. Governments, international and European organisations and NGOs should continue to promote digital skills development by identifying best practices and by implementing targeted actions. Moreover, there is a need to strengthen the collaboration between the field of education and the field of work, to ensure that educational programmes are up-to-date with new digital advancements.

The ENTELIS+ consortium has collected a list of success factors on how to build a strong partnership to bridge the digital divide.

Check them out here: Entelis+ resources !

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