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New ENTELIS+ factsheets highlight the importance of digital skills for persons with disabilities and older people.

The digital revolution has altered the way we live, learn, stay connected, and work in society.  Digital skills are a necessity for all to participate in different areas of life and the attainment of such skills can lead to endless new possibilities for people to grow.

However, the digital divide between those that benefit from these digital opportunities offered by modern society and those who cannot is growing at an alarming rate. This gap has particularly impacted persons with disabilities of all ages and older people. Reasons for this digital disparity can be attributed to inaccessibility, poor digital skills and a lack of inclusive education. In order to reach a state of full inclusion, more innovation is needed to enlarge the scope of support provision and, at the same time, existing support systems should be improved to fully incorporate the human rights approach of the UNCRPD.

In collecting & analysing state-of-the-art research on the importance of digital skills and ICT accessibility, the Entelis+ partners have published three new factsheets! These factsheets examine the importance of digital skills for persons with disabilities and older people, the role of ICT accessibility in inclusive education, and the impact of accessibility in service provision.

Key conclusions find that providing accessible digital skills for people with disabilities and older persons helps to foster inclusive education, participatory citizenship and improve career prospects and employability. Further, the factsheets highlight several initiatives as good practices in improving digital accessibility and analyse key training needs in the development of training modules.

Want to learn more about what we’ve found? Then click here to check out the factsheets available in English, Greek, Italian and German on the ENTELIS+ Resources!

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