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Contact our local partners to become an ENTELIS+ training materials tester!

The powerful and easily available technological tools we have today offer a variety of opportunities that can transform the pedagogical sector through the adoption of learner-centred teaching approaches. This advancement in technology brought forward a wide range of new opportunities in the education of learners with disabilities, aiming to reinforce the improvements made so far towards fully inclusive education systems.

The ENTELIS+ project partners have collected good practices and key success factors from all across Europe, which will serve as useful inputs for policymakers and social care providers. If recent studies and the experiences of service providers provide strong evidence for the positive impact of the use of technology on the learning process of students with disabilities, the direct consequence of this fast-changing scenario is that digital skills have become an inescapable part of education. This is why, in the next few months, AIAS Bologna Onlus, Saint John of God Community Services, Margarita and Atempo will become pilot sites to test new training materials on digital skills for inclusive education.

Get involved! If you are an education or training provider, a public government officer, a researcher or user representative, and you want to participate in our training modules, please contact one of the organisations listed above. #RightToConnectNow

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