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ENTELIS+ Validation workshop

The ENTELIS+ workshop with the external experts of the Advisory Board was held on 26 of March. ENTELIS+ aims at developing and implementing innovative methods and practices to foster inclusive education and promote common values, as well as fostering digital skills and competences of digitally excluded groups, such as persons with disabilities of all ages through strategic public-private partnerships.

After one year of work, the consortium partners presented the work achieved regarding the ENTELIS+ training methodology, which includes both the training methodology and the 5 ENTELIS+ training modules. The main aim of the workshop was to receive an expert guidance on the training materials and have useful suggestions on how to adapt to the local context and target groups in each of the four ENTELIS+ pilot sites (Italy, Ireland, Greece and Austria).

In ENTELIS+, we have set up an Advisory Board with partners and senior experts: Radek Pavlicek (Teiresias Center Masaryk University Brno), Bárbara Martín Muñoz (European Blind Union), Mark Wheatley (European Union of the Deaf), Carlos Muncharaz  (European Accessibility Forum) and Samantha Evans (International Association of Accessibility Professionals).

After a brief overview of the project by EASPD, training methodology was presented by FUNKA, who is leading this task. Among all different topics, the following were highlighted in order to guide the discussion.

  • Training preparation: Does the training preparation section provide sufficient information to carry out an accessible and successful training programme?
  • Subjects covered/structure: What do you think about the subjects covered in the training materials and the structure of the modules?
  • Localisation opportunities: Can you identify any additional localisation opportunities for the pilot sites during the project?
  • Adaptation to specific target groups: are there any issues/needs that should be taken into consideration when the pilot sites adapt the content to their specific target groups?
  • Additional advice/guidance: Can you share any experience/good practice from other training programmes on accessibility that could be of assistance to the pilot sites?
  • Specific feedback: Do you have any specific feedback for any of the modules? Any other comments?

The workshop was highly interactive, with numerous inputs and feedback on training materials.

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