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ENTELIS+ Training Methodology

Author: Bárbara Martín Muñoz, European Blind Union

It seems yesterday to me when I was at school. Back then, books had only one format (paper), there were no computers, and even less the internet! I can assure you, without any doubt, that life has changed for good in general but in particular with the new tecnologies and how teaching has evolved into a more dynamic activity, more confortable to everyone, studients and teachers.

ENTELIS+ Training Methodology brings accessibility to the center whether it is in face to face or online meetings. It is a matter of time that many of the issues regarding accessibility won´t be seen as a particular matter to take into account. Sooner than later they will be naturally integrated during the preparation of meetings and all participants will be able to join and participate easily.

After 10 years, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has become an essential tool to guarantee rights that already existed but not always observed. The new EU disability strategy 2021-2030 alined wiih it strengthens its power in a horizontal perspective where all stakeholders are considered. It is another step forward for more than 15% of the population in the EU.

There are a broad number of accessible resourses that INTELIS+ put together that will make students and teachers lives more confortable, whether they are young or old, women or men, blind, partially sighted or deaf. Diversity is part of the human nature and when we refer it to learning and teaching it is an added value that help with the required assistive tecnology makes the difference at all terms.

ENTELIS+ not only helps anyone to get used to accessibility matters during the learning process but also brings the opportuniy to train others on how to incorporate accessibility knowledge as well. ENTELIS+ is practical and useful, it is a learning and a teaching experience, one after the other, what a great combination with better results as it helps to spread the word, I mean, accessibility for all.

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