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The ENTELIS+ Glossary

During the pandemic, we all turned – to some extent – to digital. And many claims that it will be a Digital Decade. The digital skills became one of most important skills that one should have to fully participate in the society. We talk about inclusion and accessibility as a basic human right. But what does it mean exactly?

ENTELIS+ project aims at developing and implementing innovative methods and practices to foster inclusive education and enhancing the digital skills and competences of digitally excluded groups, particularly persons with disabilities of all ages.

In order to answer above question, we created a Glossary which focuses on generating a common vocabulary with definitions of key concepts related to the key themes of the project, such as inclusive education and accessibility.

The ENTELIS+ glossary of project terms builds on the Taxonomy and Glossary that was developed for the ENTELIS project that was funded by the European commission under the Lifelong Learning programme.

The ENTELIS project taxonomy and Glossary focussed largely on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), learning events and processes in various educational settings. Meanwhile, the ENTELIS+ glossary will build on this approach, providing a stronger focus on accessibility-related terms covering topics such as practices and procedures, tools, design methodologies, policies and frameworks and assistive technology (AT).

To download the Glossary :

Download ENTELIS+ Glossary of Terms


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