Run between 1st January 2014 and 31st December 2016, the European Network for Technology Enhanced Learning in an Inclusive Society (ENTELIS) project gave birth to a Consortium of 10 partners – nine from across the European Union and one from the United States. The aim of this newly born network was to empower older persons and persons with disabilities to participate in the digital society by providing them with digital literacy and making assistive technologies more easily accessible. The ultimate goal of the Consortium was to enable persons with disabilities to be more competitive on the job market and to receive high-quality education.

Building on the outcomes of the ENTELIS and IE+ projects, the ENTELIS+ project aims at developing and implementing innovative methods and practices to foster inclusive education and promote common values, as well as enhancing the digital skills and competences of digitally excluded groups, particularly persons with disabilities of all ages, through strategic public and private partnerships.

The ENTELIS+ project aims at having an impact on three levels:

  1. Raising awareness about the importance of accessibility as an enabler for inclusive learning and teaching.
  2. Developing the digital skills of persons with disabilities and older persons so that they can participate in the digital society.
  3. Enhancing the capacity of the key actors in charge of the design and implementation of facilitating frameworks.
Right to connect now, right to work!
Digitalization brings opportunities that allow us to live our daily lives differently. It has made it possible for us to be connected at a time...
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Open call for collaborative work
AAATE has launched a new Call for collaborative work  with the specific objective to develop a competence framework for educators, teachers, trainers that support learners...
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Assistive Technology: From policy to practice
Assistive Technology plays an important role in initiatives of organisations like the WHO, the WIPO and networks such as AAATE and GAATO. The European Commission,...
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Contact our local partners to become an ENTELIS+ training materials tester!
The powerful and easily available technological tools we have today offer a variety of opportunities that can transform the pedagogical sector through the adoption of...
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Success factors on digital accessibility have been published!
Technological change has always expanded people’s possibilities by creating new opportunities and accelerating progress. The list of everyday life examples demonstrating how technology has made...
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ENTELIS+ 3rd Project Meeting
On the 22nd of April 2021, the ENTELIS+ project partners met online instead visiting Saint John of God Community Services in Ireland. Even though partners...
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